At-Home Fitness Test

At-Home Cadet Fitness Assessment

For the 2020-2021 Training Year, all cadets will attempt the At-Home Cadet Fitness Assessment in order to pass their respective levels, and get promoted. The only change is that you do not have to complete the Shuttle-Run.

The At-Home Cadet Fitness Assessment is broken down into four (4) sections:
1. Curl-ups;
2. Push-ups;
3. Sit and Reach; and
4. Shoulder Stretch. 

Follow the direction below, watch the video and complete the form accordingly. Your results will be processed by the Training Officer and you will be notified of your incentive level achieved. 

*Please note the paper form mentioned in the video has been replaced by the on-line form below. 

Shoulder Stretch - Right & Left

Similar to a warm-up routine prior to sports, this exercise is a test of flexibility. Begin in a standing position, with your feet roughly shoulder-width apart – or something comfortable. Start with your right arm and raise it upwards bending it backwards so your hand is behind your head. Take your left arm and place it backwards behind your lower back, aimed upwards. Next, lower your left arm and raise your right and try to grab your hands (or fingertips) together behind you. Hold for a few seconds to demonstrate they are touching. Release, and reverse the exercise. Note: in order to be successful in this particular exercise, you must demonstrate this with both left and right sides.


These are your standard everyday-type push-ups. Begin with your palms planted firmly on the ground beneath your shoulders. Your legs are extended behind you with your knees straight and off the floor, on your toes. Try to keep your back flat. When instructed to begin, bend at the elbows to lower your torso towards the floor, coming to a stop just before actually lowering all the way (do not make contact with the floor!). A good rule of thumb is to lower yourself until you are about a fist-length from the floor. Push yourself up to the start position and repeat until you cannot complete a full push-up, or you cannot maintain the proper form (i.e., keeping your back straight but lowering your head does not count as a push-up). Your cadence should be one push-up every three seconds.

Back-Saver Sit and Reach

This is a test of flexibility. You can use a small box 30cm high, or the bottom-most step on a flight of stairs. You will need a ruler. Attach the ruler so that the 23cm mark is at the edge of the box, or step, with the 0cm mark coming out towards you. Place one leg extended flat in front of you, with your foot planted on the box or step. Take your other knee and bend it so your foot rests flat on the floor in front of you and beside your straight knee. Keeping your back straight, you will bend at the hip and with your arms stretched out in front of you, hand over hand, try to reach as far as you can down the ruler rocking four times. On the fourth, hold momentarily to record your reach. Keep your elbows straight and your knee flat (careful to not lock). If you cannot complete this without bending your knee, ask your parent or sibling to gently hold your knee down. Your knee must be kept flat, and your other foot must remain flat on the floor. Record the number from the ruler of how far you reached. Repeat with both legs


Similar to a sit-up, a Curl-Up is performed on your back with your knees bent around 45-degrees and the feet flush on the floor. You will need a measuring strip of 12cm across, placed under your knees. Your arms will be palm-down and extended towards your feet beside you, on the edge of the measuring strip. This will be the starting position. When instructed to begin, you will curl up from the abdomen and try to reach your fingertips to the other end of the measuring strip, without bending the arms. Pause for a second and lower yourself back to the start position. Repeat this until you cannot complete a full curl-up, or you cannot complete one without bending the arm or twisting your body to “make it reach”.